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A Little Bit About 

Tricia Tack Designs

At Tricia Tack Designs our mission is to create organized, functional, and intuitive spaces so that people can focus on what matters most in their lives. Our Vision is to be a valued source of inspiration and knowledge in the design industry. To show people the importance of design and the impact it has on our lives.

modern master bedroom, purple walls, dark wood floor, interior design

Patricia Tack

Principal/ Owner of Tricia Tack Designs


I love creating a design for a client and showing them what they can achieve in their space. Everything from pulling together samples to working on drawings in CAD helps to bring together the vision of the project and moves us towards making the vision a reality. I am fully certified through NCIDQ, licensed, insured, a registered member of ARIDO, and am registered under the building code act with the MMAH. I am hard working, creative, and love to create organized, functional, and intuitive spaces. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

"We had just recently received ownership of our rental house which needs a major over haul. I called Tricia to see if she could help us. Tricia was very accommodating, patient with all of our questions, changing our colours a few times and suggesting new ideas. She helped us with designing our kitchen, washrooms and living room area. We received completed pictures of each room with PDFs of the mood boards and renderings which made it really easy to visualize the finished room. I am very happy that I called Tricia to help us as I had no idea where to begin."

Janet L

"Ms. Tack provided me with the direction and confidence I needed. She was very helpful and her ideas were very creative. She provided the spark I needed to get going on our bathroom project. I can't wait to start planning the kitchen.

I am confident that the choices we made will be ones that we will be happy with for many years to come."

J. Brander

"I help with the maintenance at the church where I attend and we needed a design and renovation plan for our women's restroom. I approached Ms. Tack with our requirements and she came back to me with a wonderful and appealing design for our washroom." "I was very pleased with her work. Not only did she incorporate our needs,( handicap accessible, electric hand-dryer placement, need for storage, etc.) she designed a great plan with an overall pleasing colour scheme, placement of mirrors, and the cabinetry was of a modern design." "Our washroom renovation is now complete and I can say I am very happy with the end result. It looked as well as I envisioned it because of the work that Tricia did beforehand."

Janet P

"What really stood out to me, was her genuine effort to help and patience with us as she walked us through some ideas. She could tell we weren't very good at visualizing so intuitively knew to allow us to see her put a bit of a presentation together to get a better idea. She really knows how to read her customers and be extremely professional with a very human and personal touch. I apprecaited her humble confidence and trusted her advice/information she was giving." "(H)er suggestions matched our house perfectly and if it werent' for her openness to listen, patience, and confidence in her work - im not sure what we would have done!

Karen B